39 Things To Do Today Instead of Committing Suicide

I am not a professional. If you or someone you know experience(s) suicidal thoughts, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. Now. You cannot afford to wait. I thought up this blog after my most recent post, “The Suicide Squad,” which talks about a group of us psychiatric patients joking about our … Continue reading 39 Things To Do Today Instead of Committing Suicide

How to Write a Guest Post for Me

Hello my loves! Though I'm incredibly happy with the love and support I have received this past month since I started publicly sharing my story, I find myself in a stagnant postion with my blog. I believe my next logical mode of attack will be to swap guest posts with other bloggers, which I'm so so excited about!! … Continue reading How to Write a Guest Post for Me

My First Psychiatric Institution: The Suicide Squad

December 2016 I search through the kitchen, scrounging for something edible for lunch, when the girl who stared at me in group, the under eye circles one, creeps up behind me and asks, “So what are you here for?” I am startled by her sudden appearance and taken aback by her bluntness. She notices and … Continue reading My First Psychiatric Institution: The Suicide Squad

My First Psychiatric Institution

December 2016 This institution looks nothing like the movies. It’s set up like a little home, comfy cozy, except everything is confined to one huge room, so they can watch us. There’s a receptionist desk, where the lady who checked me in now sits. She switches between scrolling on her computer and scanning us crazies. … Continue reading My First Psychiatric Institution

Manic Attack

December 2016 Screaming. Excruciatingly desperate. Dangerously loud. Pain expressed with every sound; helplessness released with every breath. I sit up in my bed, surrounded by darkness. The sun starts peeking between the curtains of the bedroom. I look around, trying to figure out where the damn screeching is coming from. I was perfectly content pretending … Continue reading Manic Attack