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Hello my loves! Though I’m incredibly happy with the love and support I have received this past month since I started publicly sharing my story, I find myself in a stagnant postion with my blog. I believe my next logical mode of attack will be to swap guest posts with other bloggers, which I’m so so excited about!! I’m looking for someone who writes about mental illness (does not specifically have to be bipolar disorder), who has about as many followers as me (probably around 100-250 since I currently have 173 followers…though if you want to be gracious and let me write for a bigger audience, of course I will accept!), and who writes decently often (at least once every two weeks perhaps). You may use any of the blogs I’ve posted on highrisk1, or I have a series of “flashback” blogs not open to any audiences yet that I can show you. Or I can write about anything you’d like! I do not have specifications for your blog that I will post on highrisk1, except for a decently well written piece of work that catches peoples’ eyes. It can be an excerpt of a blog or an entire blog you’ve already posted on your site, or it can be something new! Along with sharing your blog on highrisk1, I am also willing share it on my Facebook (165 followers), Instagram (514 followers), and Twitter (532 followers) blog accounts! I cannot wait to (hopefully) hear from y’all, and of course I’m willing to “negotiate.” Thank you for reading! xoxo Cat

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