My First Psychiatric Institution

December 2016 This institution looks nothing like the movies. It’s set up like a little home, comfy cozy, except everything is confined to one huge room, so they can watch us. There’s a receptionist desk, where the lady who checked me in now sits. She switches between scrolling on her computer and scanning us crazies. … Continue reading My First Psychiatric Institution

Manic Attack

December 2016 Screaming. Excruciatingly desperate. Dangerously loud. Pain expressed with every sound; helplessness released with every breath. I sit up in my bed, surrounded by darkness. The sun starts peeking between the curtains of the bedroom. I look around, trying to figure out where the damn screeching is coming from. I was perfectly content pretending … Continue reading Manic Attack

Misdiagnosed With Depression: Panic Attacks Part 2

November 2016 I am one month into my antidepressants when my psychiatrist tells me she has not seen any improvement in my “condition.” She doubles my dose of Prozac to 40mg, which, by the way, induces a hell of a lot of serotonin into one little tiny depressed body. I glare at her. I’m pissed … Continue reading Misdiagnosed With Depression: Panic Attacks Part 2