Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate reminds me of the hospital

The first hospital I entered, the one that was set up like a house
The hospital where we cooked our own food, cleaned our own living room
The hospital where we could even check out knives
Though we had to be constantly monitored with them

I don’t cook
But I can make hot chocolate
So for every therapy meeting
Solo or group
I brought a scalding mug in
I held it close to me
I let the warmness consume me
Because the hospital was always freezing
And my heart was just as cold

I even mixed hot chocolate powder into my coffee
Because we didn’t have creamer
And we could only request food and drinks every couple of days

It has been two and a half years since the hospital
I don’t drink hot chocolate anymore
Maybe once or twice, but not often
It’s not tainted for me
I just drank it too much
And I don’t need the warmness anymore

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

  1. I vividly remember one guy who would spend the whole mealtime trading cigarettes for coffee packets. Very few people wanted that instant coffee so he did well.


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