Backstreet’s Back

I know, quite the hiatus. But it’s summer time, and I actually have a second to breathe. Maybe even two seconds. Maybe even an hour long lunch break.

So here’s what I’ve been up to for the past year (year? yes, year):

I returned from medical leave to my university!! Yay! I dealt with a tad bit of hypomania–which was probably (totally) due to the fact that I was suddenly back in the throes of college life–but I became more and more stable as I got re-accustomed to my school and my friends and my classes etc. etc. etc.

And for the past 5 months (this is even more exciting), I’ve been traveling the world!! I studied abroad at the University of Edinburgh and managed to travel to (wait for it) 14 COUNTRIES AND 26 CITIES. Hello Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, England, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland and Italy!!!! I had the time of my life exploring various cultures, making some of the best friends EVER (no really, they threw me a surprise 21st birthday–what more could you ask for?!) and emphasizing the abroad whilst minimizing the studying.

And the best part…..I’ve (essentially) been stable through it all! Who knew it was possible?! That makes OVER A YEAR PEOPLE. I am one happy girl!!!!!

Now I have a summer job that I absolutely LOVE, am meal prepping and exercising daily (do I sound like an actual adult yet??), and am very happy and, again, STABLE. For now, of course. But now is all I need.

Now for the fun stuff: here’s what I’m thinking for upcoming blog posts…

  • Do psychiatric medications reallyyyyy make you gain weight?
  • Analysis, or something of the sort, of 13 Reasons Why season 2 (because I gotta get in on the hype)
  • Talk about this commercial I saw advertising the bipolar medication Vraylar (has anyone ever seen a commercial like this before? I certainly hadn’t)
  • Some more of the usual posts about my life before stability (because stability, while the best thing that has ever happened to me, doesn’t quite make the best story)
  • Guest posts (anyone up??? let me know!!!)
  • AND OTHER IDEAS FROM YOU GUYS (please please please)

Love and affection people, love and affection.



8 thoughts on “Backstreet’s Back

  1. Can I be one of many to say that I am very happy to see that you’re posting again? Because I am!!! I am so happy that you’ve been stable, and it gives me hope that, with me going back to school, I will also reach some form of stability.

    Now, I would love love LOVE to be a part of a guest post, if you’ll have me! Let’s get together and talk about that sometime! Much love.


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  2. Thanks for “liking” one of my comments on another fellow bloggers post. It lead me to yours which made me smile. Congratulations on a wonderful journey over the past year and continuing on forward! Look forward to reading your posts. Fabulous topic ideas! 😊

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