Lions and Tigers and Guest Posts, oh my!

Hello my loves! I have written a new guest blog to explain bipolar and mental illnesses in general using some insightful, famous quotes. Please check it out and let me know what you think by commenting either on this post or on Marje’s!…/guest-post-cat-davis-four-quotes-to…/

Also, don’t forget to look at my other guest post on learning the 9 warning signs of mania. Same thing goes for commenting here or on Sue Vincent’s page!!…/guest-writer-cat-davis-against-st…/…

Also check out if you haven’t already. This cover photo is of me wearing a WL shirt and showing that my life is worth living and I don’t want to kill myself anymore etc. etc. Always a good thing to feel.

Let’s talk business: I am (a bit desperately) looking for guest posters!!!! If you want to guest post here, pleaseeeee hit me up. I’ll check out your stuff and see if it’s appropriate for my audience. But I’m not going to be strict; I am beggingggggg you. I just started summer school (Chemistry, gross) and my time (and will) to write has significantly decreased.

And if you’re feeling extra nice, you can pick one of my articles here to post on yours to help me out. :))))


PS: New blog coming out soon, and I’m trying to stir shit up, so it should be interesting. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Yay stigma!

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