Who Am I If I’m Not Manic?

Here’s my second worthliving.co article, as promised xox

If y’all want to be an Ambassador for Worth Living, I highly recommend you send Keith a note! http://worthliving.co/become-an-ambassador/

Thank you for reading!!

5 thoughts on “Who Am I If I’m Not Manic?

  1. I really enjoyed your guest post. I struggle with trying to identify what is really me and what is the mania. I too am an intellectual, and I have a hard time finding others with Bipolar that are. I get what you mean about the creativity, and I celebrate that part of me very much. As for debating, I too love it, I love talking about anything, but I do know what you mean about exploding if I’m manic. I have to be careful. I was really struck by the part about goals, and how to decipher whether they are manic or stable goals. For me, it’s the goals that stay true through many episodes, the ones that are still there in the end. Thank you for your post. I also contacted WL to be an ambassador, thanks for the tip. What exactly is involved besides blogging?

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