39 Things To Do Today Instead of Committing Suicide

I am not a professional. If you or someone you know experience(s) suicidal thoughts, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.


You cannot afford to wait.

I thought up this blog after my most recent post, “The Suicide Squad,” which talks about a group of us psychiatric patients joking about our suicidal tendencies. The list below may seem lighthearted, and possibly completely inappropriate, given the severity of the topic, but I mean it quite literally. Some of these seemingly small tasks have helped me rev up, calm down, yell, cry, breathe, and think rationally in the face of very irrational thoughts. In fact, after a long day of wrangling small children, I am in the middle of a nice long #17.

Surprise of the century: suicide is not a joke. In her memoir “Madness,” Marya Hornbacher states that, “about half of all suicides in the US can be attributed to bipolar.” Scary, right? I sure as hell think so. Bipolar disorder has “the highest suicide rate of any psychiatric disorder,” with 25% of bipolar patients attempting suicide in their lifetime. How comforting.

That needs to change. I don’t ever want to go through what the professionals call “suicidal ideations” ever again. This cover photo for me represents triumph, even though it was taken during the very short time I had between inpatient psych facilities. I was able to survive, to live, happily, during the darkest time in my life, even though I seldom remembered it. Suicide wasn’t fake for me, and it isn’t fake for anyone else. This is not The Boy Who Cried Suicide. This is real. It is happening all around you, if not deep within you.

So here you go, a nice conversation starter, 39 things to do today instead of committing suicide:

  1. Sit outside
  2. Listen to your favorite song on repeat
  3. Try yoga, rock climbing or hiking
  4. Clean your room
  5. Talk to a therapist
  6. Buy a journal and write or doodle in it
  7. Run as fast as you can for as long as you can
  8. Scream
  9. Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy on Netflix
  10. Visit your nearest animal shelter and snuggle all of the loving puppers and kittens
  11. Fill out 25 Buzzfeed quizzes
  12. Write an email to your favorite teacher
  13. Remember that your memories cannot hurt you
  14. Read Harry Potter
  15. Watch Harry Potter
  16. Buy something (online shopping counts)
  17. Take a bubble bath
  18. Be with someone
  19. Drink hot chocolate (marshmallows optional)
  20. Take a nap
  21. Color in a coloring book
  22. Call someone you haven’t talked to in years
  23. Go kickboxing (good anger management)
  24. Shave
  25. Write a letter for you to open in 6 months
  26. Eat some ice cream
  27. Put on bright lipstick
  28. Meditate (Headspace and Stop, Breathe & Think are my favorite apps)
  29. Play video games all day
  30. Open the curtains
  31. Get up before the sun (bonus points for watching it rise)
  32. Print out some of your favorite photos
  33. Stare yourself down in the mirror until you think of something nice to say (smiling helps)
  34. Cuddle up in your favorite blanket
  35. Apologize for something you regret (and then let it go)
  36. Buy yourself a present, wrap it up and leave it in your closet to open on your birthday
  37. Think about your spiritual preferences
  38. Say, “I love you”

If you resonate with the title of this article, you have a story that needs to be heard. If you feel no one else is listening, I am. Please do share, to someone, somewhere, somehow. It takes the edge off; it really does. Thank you for reading.

20 thoughts on “39 Things To Do Today Instead of Committing Suicide

  1. I know what you mean. The emotions memories can pull up are so strong and so powerful. Sometimes I can physically feel my body reacting to a memory 😔 I just say you don’t need to think like this, you don’t need to feel this, it’s not real.
    Thank You for the great post 😊 xx

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  2. Hey Cat,

    It’s Maddy Deal! I’m not even sure if replying to your blog does anything or if you see it, but I want to tell you something. You are an exceptionally good writer. That you can share your reality with such eloquence makes me happy. I told Grace that I can hear how smart you are by reading your blog. And I think the fact that you can say what you feel HAS to be helping you. You make me laugh in that serious “oh shit, I shouldn’t be laughing” way every time I read your words.

    Anyway – from one wordsmith to another – I hope you are feeling lighter. We miss you and hope if you visit C’ville, you’ll come by for dinner or a Harrython!


    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. What about hopping in a cage with a Siberian Tigers….

    With some rainbow trout in your pockets .

    while reading the autobiography of the.

    person who got in a cage with Siberian tigers……..

    Naw all jokes aside.

    Definitely recommend any type of boxing or hitting the heavy bag “punching bag”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Look…

    it’s a 2 in 1…

    you can punch the bag while screeming. lol’😂👌

    love your blog to I forgot to mention.

    I hate reading long ass post.

    I to suffer from a mountain of mental health issues

    diagnosed with…



    intermittent explosive disorder



    and the acassional…

    damn? where the hell are my glasses? (there on my face the whole time😒

    Liked by 1 person

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